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Join us in our mission to use the power of soccer and storytelling to support and empower young people to stay on track, educate, up-skill, prevent disease and abuse, overcome challenges, be inspired, and discover opportunities to thrive.  Your gift, no matter the amount, can fund our programs and make a real difference. Join us today.

Life-saving programs with a focus on football and storytelling.

Every young person needs the tools to help them when life and health challenges arise. Unfortunately, many children and adolescents, are still particularly vulnerable. They are exposed to preventable diseases like HIV/AIDS…, victims of sexual abuse, and Gender-Based Violence with some experiencing undesirable pregnancies and early marriage as a result, they are often targeted for Child Soldiers recruitment. These young people lack the knowledge and support systems to protect themselves.
That’s why we are using the power of Football – the beautiful game, and storytelling, as tools to empower adolescents with a resilient mind, life-saving health information and services to prevent diseases, sexual abuse, and GBVs, child soldier enrollment, promote mental health, education, and empower them to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

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Football and Storytelling are tools for positive social change and can unite us in various ways—whether you are players, artists, managers, filmmakers, storytellers, agents, educators, fans, coaches, or donors. Join us in using these passions for good. Volunteer, pray, fundraise, raise awareness, or collaborate to make a positive difference.

The proof is in the progress

In 2023, our program successfully reached out to more than 12,000 children and adolescents directly, making a meaningful impact on their lives. This significant reach demonstrates our commitment to empowering youth and creating positive change in our communities.

97% of our participants found our program to be more educative, and most of them were able to return to school, demonstrating the positive impact of our program in promoting education and empowering youth to pursue their academic goals.
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Health and Gender-based violence
80% Of our participants were more likely to identify local sources of abuse and mental health support, and reported cases of abuse, showing that our program has increased their awareness and ability to access critical services and a safe space for them to seek help and support.

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