Be a star and donate food, clothes, and toys to our appeal

This Christmas period is a difficult time for children, young people and families in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Having fled war and violence, more than 200,000 people, almost half of them are children, have taken refuge in KIBATI in the camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) and still do not receive the necessary aid or support. For now, these children have nothing to eat on the table, they don’t have drinking water, clothes and shoes to put on, they don’t even have tarps to make tents to sleep in. … Worse still, it is feared that they have no presents or a Christmas tree.

Where is the magic?

You can help change that. You can help bring back the magic of Christmas by helping refugee children devastated by the conflict in the DRC to have a dinner, a bottle of drinking water, an item of clothing or a shoe, a gift or a book that teaches the teachings of JESUS this Chistmas. 

Conflict robs children of their families, homes and safety, causing fear and psychological harm. It leaves them facing the immediate threat of hunger and disease, the danger of violence and exploitation, and a deep sense of loss and grief. Children with a surviving parent can always seek comfort in the shelter of their arms. They still have the chance to rebuild a life where they can continue their studies. But that is not the reality for millions of children here in the DRC, currently out of school and facing the world alone. Your donation today could help these refugee children during this Christmas season and protect them when conflict breaks out. It’s the real definition of being there when they need urgent help.