As football and Storytelling are both about unity, there are many ways to get involved. Whether you are a player, artist, manager, filmmaker, storyteller, arts and sports agent, educator, fan, coach, or spectator, we ask you to share with us your stories about how football and/or storytelling has impacted you. Also, we would like to know how you can use football and storytelling as a force for good to help others. You can volunteer with us, play with us, tell a story with us, pray with us, raise funds for us, use your voice to raise awareness or collaborate with us to make a difference.



Volunteer with us

Join Fobeworld and Contribute to improving the lives of children. It can give meaning and purpose to your daily working life.

Fundraiser for Fobeworld

Be a fundraising hero by creating your own fundraiser to show your support for children in poverty and make a huge difference.

Play with us

If you love the game as much as we do, whether it be on our small soccer fields or in different ways, whether you are a football lover, a player, a manager or just someone involved in the football career, please join the movement and show that football can be a force for good for the benefit of others.

Tell a Story with us

Are you an artist, a filmmaker, a storyteller, or just someone who likes and knows the power of cinema? You can join us in various ways to empower the next generation of actors and filmmakers and provide them with the tools and resources to tell their stories through film.

Use your voice

Are you a professional communicator? Christian speakers, professional coaches, bestselling authors, worship leaders, comedians, visual artists, motivational speakers, and music artists use your voice to speak up for children now

Shop in our Store

Support Fobeworld through your normal daily activities, including shopping and searching the internet. Support our cause with gifts that make our work possible. Profits from each item will fund our operating costs and help us grow.

Brand Partnerships

As an official brand partner, you’ll have access to white glove account management services, reporting and proof for all Children projects funded, and a full library of logos, photos, videos, and stories from the field.

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Would you like to start a project with us?

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