This project is dedicated to educating girls, ending gender-based sexual violence (GBSV), harmful traditional practices (such as female genital mutilation, early marriage) and empowering GIRLS victims of violence in North Kivu / DRC.
Project designed by Fobeworld Asbl to pay tribute to MARYAM SEWELL

For more than 4 years STEVE SEWELL the husband of the late MARYAM SEWELL has supported Fobeworld to help young girls who are victims of violence in the DRC ; To pay tribute to MARYAM, Fobeworld has set up this project to help women and girls who are victims of gender-based sexual violence as well as harmful traditional practices.

Today is the funeral of my beloved wife. I started the day feeling sad about our temporary living apart. Then I visited this article and photo from my son Henri in DRC. I am reminded my problems are small compared to the needs faced by children and adults in every land. Please read Henris' Letter to the Girl Child:


Dear Girl Child, So many voices have been speaking on your behalf for years. These progressive voices envision a world for you that is free from discrimination based on sex and gender, exploitation of all forms, an environment where gender equality is a given, a place where you can pursue and achieve your dreams without anyone thinking less of you. Unfortunately the world is still unkind to you, as the fight intensifies, the violations against your person also seem to intensify.
Today speak out with confidence;
"Our time is now-our rights, our future." Our commitment to you; We will continue to cheer for you. We will continue to speak out against all harmful practices against you.
We will continue to fight for your cause.
We will continue to protect you.
This is your time, these rights are yours too, and lets move boldly into the future knowing that one day, what we envision will be a reality for all girls everywhere.

On behalf of Fobeworld
As long as injustices remain, our job here is not yet done.
Steve Sewell
This post was written by Steve SEWELL on the day of the funeral of Maryam SEWELL his wife
The DRC is a country scarred by wars, conflicts and disasters. These events accentuate the violence and the level of poverty; Violence and poverty weaken communities and protectives structures When communities and protectives structures are weakened, young girls are the first and most vulnerable victims. Not going to school, Exposed to violence of all kinds, Forced to marry before the age, Having difficulties integrating into society...;) all these scourges represent a significant obstacle to commitment number of young girls and women in the social and economic life of the DRC. Overall, more than 53% of women aged 15 to 49 said they had been victims of sexual and gender-based violence (regardless of who committed it) at least once since the age of 15.

This project aims to pay tribute to MARYAM SEWELL by supporting the education of girls, preventing and reducing SGBV, harmful traditional practices as well as promoting the social and economic reintegration of these young girls who are victims of violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To carry out this project, Fobeworld works with local communities, churches and child development centers.
The approach advocated by this project emphasizes both prevention and response aspects. This project is based on 3 main components:

  1. Education

  2. SGBVs & HTPs

  3. And

  4. Empowerment
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Educate – Protect – Empower

Donate now in memory of Maryam and help change the lives of women and girls victims of violence and harmful traditional practices in DRC.